Comprehensive Consultation



The key to fixing your pain is a thorough consultation. We created Full Circle to go back “full circle” to the days of truly taking care of people. This cannot be accomplished in 5-10 min as in most medical visits these days. We believe that spending time and looking at the whole person is the most successful way to rid your problem. Therefore, we have designed the practice to allow ample time to discuss your issue and to fully evaluate it. This means that your first visit will in the office will take about an hour. Then, there is review of records, review of imaging, and collaboration with other providers outside of your visit. The time spent in the office as well as the time spent on your case outside of your visit is all part of your initial comprehensive consultation.


The goal of our consultation together is to:

  • Unravel the pain problem and discuss your goals
  • Acknowledge your fears and concerns
  • Discuss further evaluation strategy – imaging or other if needed
  • Discuss your treatment options and create a plan that we both feel good about
  • Possibly rid your pain during the first visit with a safe, effective injection if needed


You may call, text, or email us to establish an appointment. Once you have scheduled a consultation, you will receive an intake form provided online to fill out electronically. Then, we will ask for other information that may be pertinent to your case such as imaging, records, or contact info of other key people involved in your case such as coaches, other healthcare providers, etc. Then, you will present at our office at 4500 N 32nd Street, Suite 120, Phoenix, AZ 85018 for your visit. Plan to spend about an hour in the office.


When you leave our office, you should feel cared for and empowered by the knowledge of what is likely causing your pain. Hopefully you will feel more at ease regarding any concerns and fears. You will feel clear about the diagnostic and/or treatment plan. You will feel confident that you have access to us directly should any further questions or concerns arise.

We do not expect you to come back for repeat weekly or monthly visits. Average number of visits per pain issue is about 2-3 visits per patient. This means that some patient’s issues are resolved in one visit and others may take 4-5 visit depending.


There is no risk to coming in for a consultation except time and money spent. Once you leave, we hope you feel it was well worth it! It might also be surprisingly fun and more enjoyable than most medical visits. When leaving our office, many patients will comment “I wish I would’ve come in sooner!”


Please text or call 602-466-9703 or email [email protected] to let us know you would like to make an appointment. We do not bill insurance directly. We feel insurance demands can be a distraction and inhibit us from focusing on what’s right for you. Therefore, the practice is designed as a self-pay fee for service. Oftentimes, patients will then submit our notes for insurance reimbursement. Note, you may use your insurance for any imaging, lab work, and other diagnostics that we decide is necessary. You may reference our fees page for more information and feel free to ask any questions in this regard. We look forward to meeting you!

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