We help you reclaim your enjoyment of life with kindness while keeping your body whole.

We are experts in providing non-surgical orthopedic and sports medicine treatment.

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What makes Full Circle different?

Contrary to feeling like a number, patients at Full Circle feel heard, cared for, and like we are truly getting to the root of their problem. It is important to us to build bonds with them. Whether we are listening, providing treatments, or helping them with resources, we are there for them.

Over 70+ Google 5.0 star reviews!

Stefan F. MD

As an Emergency Physician, I was so impressed with Courtney’s knowledge, bedside manner, and comfort. She even was able to perform injections whilst my one-year-old, was fussy and crying-with such ease! After a series of PRPs, I am finally regaining function, and pain free. She has been communicative, caring, and follows up with me. I would recommend her even other physician colleagues.

Stefan F., MD


If you’re looking for a healthcare professional who cares and is fully invested in solving your issues Courtney is 100% the best person for the job. She was able to finally diagnose my issue after 4 years of being misdiagnosed. Her approach is completely different from the corporate healthcare process. Her visits aren't covered by insurance but when it comes to something as important as your health its best to pay extra out of pocket to get the quality of service that she provides.

Brad S.


Courtney restored my right arm from severe tendonitis to its prior level of function with a PRP Injection treatment. Her technique and expertise made me feel comfortable. I appreciated how she explained every step of the process to me. The PRP enabled me to decrease my pain and improve the use of my arm within 2 weeks. My strength has increased, and I no longer need to take pain relieving medication.

Helen J.

Stefan F. MD

Full Circle is unlike any other treatment option you will run across. One on one, highly personalized, in a boutique type setting. It's so different from a traditional medical office, you'll barely know you're in one. Courtney's expertise and compassion is obvious upon first visit. She patiently, methodically put me on a path to recovery.

Steve P.


I couldn't of asked for a more comforting visit. Never had I imagined what an awesome experience I would encounter. Full Circle does not only make you feel welcomed, but offers great professional experience with most comforting atmosphere. Me knee aspiration and PRP injection was satisfying and precise. Courtney is amazing and has great hands.

Rosa L.


Give your body a chance to heal itself

Over the past 24 years – and having helped thousands of athletes and active adults – we have found that the majority of our patients have the ability to heal without the need for surgery.

We do this through spending time listening, defining the root of your problem, and then applying our expertise to design effective, personalized treatment for you.

If you have an injury or pain, your treatment options are abundant. We offer non-surgical treatments including platelet rich plasma (PRP), shockwave therapy, gel shots, and other restorative options.

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Take your time, we are here to listen.

Going to the doctor can be anxiety inducing, particularly when you are only given a few minutes with the physician to discuss the complexity of your condition. We’re on a mission to change that.

During your consultation, we will spend about an hour together face-to-face, in a beautiful and comfortable living room style setting, discussing your issues and concerns in detail so we can develop a successful and comprehensive treatment.

We went back full circle to the days of focusing on you, the patient. Come see us, get comfortable and let’s get to the core of your issue together.

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