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Shifts in Medicine, Maintaining Personal Touch


Have you noticed a shift in the medical field? Many doctors are drifting away from their “mom and pop” style practices and are getting snatched up as employees of large corporate conglomerates. As a result, it seems we’re jumping through more hoops to make an appointment or talk to the doctor to ask a question or share a concern. Many people also feel they are being treated more as a number or a “protocol” than an individual. So, what has happened and how do think this shift is going to effect your health long term?

Medicine has turned into a business and has become very profit based. After observing this shift over the past 20 years, my concern was growing regarding quality of healthcare and the diminishing personal touch. I feared people weren’t going to be cared for comprehensively or effectively. Established in 2019, I designed Full Circle to shift back to maintaining highest quality care and keeping focus on the patient. Patients take their time in my office and are truly heard. I aim to clearly define the nature of your problem and discuss a wide variety of treatment options aimed to fix your problem, not just “bandaid it.” I essentially wanted to go back “full circle” to the days when I felt I took proper care of people.

After determining the cause of pain, treatments at Full Circle may include steroid, non-steroid, gel shots, or regenerative “stem cell” injections. I offer orders for imaging, lab work, and other diagnostics when needed. We may also involve referrals to other specialists when necessary. Patients have direct access to me by phone, text, and email. In certain situations, I also provide house calls.

Pictured in this article is a local Biltmore resident who we treated with viscosupplementation (“gel shots”) and amniotic allograft (“stem cells”) aimed to improve her pain and function. As you may already know, she is an avid golfer and full of life. Shoulder pain can’t stop her! Combined with physical rehabilitation, she has made huge strides toward improvement.

For a personalized consultation, call or text 602-466-9703. Come in, enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee, and let’s discuss how to fix your problem. I look forward to meeting you!

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