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Discover the Benefits of Focused Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief


Are you looking for relief from chronic pain? Focused shockwave therapy could be the answer. This precise treatment penetrates deeply to alleviate pain from sports injuries and conditions like tendinitis, sprain, strain, muscle tear, and osteoarthritis promoting your body’s natural healing. This article demystifies the therapy, explores its applications, and shares insights on patient experiences to help determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Focused shockwave therapy provides superior treatment for injured or unhealthy tissue due to its ability to penetrate deeper with powerful, focused sound waves that target areas with precision, unlike radial shockwave therapy, which is more superficial.
  • The treatment uses sound waves to stimulate the body and its natural healing properties to convert unhealthy to healthy tissue. You will achieve decreased pain and improve function, getting back to the activities you enjoy without steroids or surgery.
  • Focused shockwave therapy is non-invasive and requires no recovery. It is safe for even more children and causes no side effects.

The Edge of Focused Shockwave Therapy Over Radial Options

The FOCUSED shockwave is highly effective in treating deep musculoskeletal issues, surpassing other options like RADIAL Shockwave Therapy. Its advantage lies in its unique ability to reach deeper into the body and precisely target problem areas. While the radial type of shockwave therapy can be beneficial for surface treatment, focused shockwave therapy delivers concentrated sound waves with higher maximum intensity, making it ideal for addressing chronic pain or injury affecting tendons, joints, muscles, and bones.

Radial shockwaves are generated by a pneumatic system and have the most potent impact on superficial tissue. This makes them useable for addressing shallow conditions, but they fall short when it comes to targeting deeper or more advanced musculoskeletal problems effectively.

In contrast, the benefits of using focused shockwaves include greater penetration depths and precision targeting that outshine those offered by radial therapies. As such, focused shockwaves are the preferred choice for treatment as it not only effectively alleviates discomfort but also triggers a natural healing process within the body to address underlying issues. So, the focus on maximum intensity and specificity of areas targeted makes focused shock wave therapy an optimal treatment for long-term relief and initiating the natural recovery process.

Unraveling the Science Behind Focused Shockwave Therapy

The functioning of focused shockwave therapy is intriguing. This method directs kinetic energy towards specific deeper tissue areas using cones made of crystals, increasing its effectiveness in addressing concerns affecting tissues located deep within the body.

This treatment utilizes sound waves to activate the natural healing process, reduce pain, promote blood flow, and encourage tissue restoration. By “desensitizing” nerve endings, it reduces pain immediately in the affected area, resulting in instant relief for patients.

Even more important than immediate relief, focused shockwave aims to fix the root of the problem and can provide complete healing, unlike steroids, which might just “mask” the pain.

The Spectrum of Conditions Treated by Focused Shockwave Therapy

Focused shockwave therapy is gaining widespread recognition globally due to its noninvasive, natural approach to healing orthopedic and sports-related injuries. This type of therapy has proven effective for shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, foot pain, hand pain, and neck and lower back pain due to issues like tendonitis, sprain, muscle tears, and bone injury. Patients undergoing focused shockwave treatment can expect not only symptomatic relief but possible complete healing.

Furthermore, additional information is provided below.

Patient Experiences: What to Expect During Focused Shockwave Treatment

Focused Shockwave Treatment

During a session of focused shockwave therapy, patients can expect to receive brief and non-invasive treatment lasting around 10-20 minutes. The therapist will apply gel to the targeted area and use a handheld probe to deliver precise, deep-penetrating shockwaves into the body.

While some individuals may feel discomfort during the procedure, most do not report it as painful. In fact, this type of therapy is particularly beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain due to its ability to provide immediate relief.

After receiving treatment through focused shockwave therapy, patients may experience sensations described as sore and stiff which typically last 1-2 days. This occurs because the sound waves stimulate damaged tissue to “kick start” the healing process in the body targeted toward your damaged or injured tissue. These reactions occur because the various pressure waves stimulate damaged tissue to promote healing. However, the temporary minor discomfort post-treatment pales in comparison. This method offers significant benefits for relieving pain and promoting overall healing processes.

Safety Profile: Is Focused Shockwave Therapy Right for You?

Before undergoing any treatment, it is crucial to understand its safety profile fully. In the case of focused shockwave therapy, also referred to as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, patients can expect pain relief and healing in a safe and effective way when administered by a professional in accordance with proper assessment procedures.

Unlike scraping, cupping, massage, and needling, patients will not experience any bruising or damage as a result of this treatment. It is extremely safe and well tolerated which makes it a very attractive treatment option.

Side effects are minimal to none, but it is still advised to have a full assessment with our medical provider prior to initiating treatment to ensure this is the safest, most effective option for you.

Integrating Focused Shockwave Therapy with Other Treatments

While the use of focused shockwave therapy has shown to be effective on its own, it can also be utilized in combination with other treatments for more comprehensive healing and recovery. One such pairing is with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, a technique that harnesses the patient’s platelets to accelerate the healing process.

This integration of focused shockwave and PRP therapies compounds the healing process leading to more expedited and complete results for conditions like tendinitis, sprain, muscle tears, bone injury, and arthritis. For knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hand pain, ankle and foot pain, this combined approach is powerful.

Physical therapy can also complement focused shockwave treatment for various ailments when integrated together. This multifaceted approach provides a more holistic approach by not only alleviating current pain but also targeting the root of the problem to provide long-term resolution.

Measuring the Success: Outcomes and Effectiveness of Focused Shockwave Therapy

Patient Experiences

Focused shockwave therapy has been proven to be a highly effective treatment method, with multiple studies showing its success in relieving pain and improving patient function. Ongoing research continues to contribute to our understanding of the benefits of this form of therapy.

The healing abilities of focused shockwave therapy have been observed in numerous patients who have undergone the treatment. It has also shown promising results in reducing both pain and inflammation, as well as promoting improved blood circulation. It is known for accelerating tissue repair and regeneration.

Specialists in sports medicine have reported seeing significant improvements in their patients’ conditions after undergoing focused shockwave therapy. This can largely be attributed to specific growth factors and other healing cells stimulated by the treatment.

Scientific research supports the effectiveness of focused shockwave therapy when it comes to treating tendinopathies and maintaining remission symptoms over time. One key factor behind its success lies in its ability to penetrate deep into tissues while precisely targeting affected areas.

Complementary Post Treatment Care and Adequate Healing

Following the completion of shockwave therapy, it is important to allow adequate sleep and hydration. Your body might be exuding extra energy for natural healing. To help expedite, we recommend low sugar and no alcohol intake for 48 hours. This can help maximize your body’s ability to convert those unhealthy tissues to more healthy tissues. The significance of post-treatment care and rehabilitation cannot be emphasized enough in achieving optimal recovery and long-term results from focused shockwave therapy.

For the first few treatments and depending on the severity of your injury, we will make personalized suggestions on activity modification short term if needed. We will guide you on processes to help promote ideal healing.

Strengthening exercises and stretching may be advised as part of your recovery and rehabilitation. At times, we can devise a program in our office, but other times, it might be necessary for us to refer to a physical therapy professional.

Innovations in Focused Shockwave Technology

Recent technological developments have greatly improved the effectiveness of focused shockwave therapy. One such advancement is the PiezoWave 2 machine, which offers advanced treatment options for individuals seeking not just pain relief but long-term healing and resolution of the problem. Full Circle is proud to use this state-of-the-art device to help heal our patients’ issues safely and effectively without surgery or steroids.

This innovative device has become so effective for patients globally that now professional teams across the world are adopting it. For middle school, high school, college level, and professional teams, this will be a mainstay of treatment and recovery going forward. It is safe for the young and elderly alike.

By accelerating both pain relief and healing without steroids and surgery, this healing tools ability to use your own body’s properties to provide tissue repair long term makes it an attractive option world wide. The lack of bruising and tissue injury as compared to scraping, cupping, needling, and deep massage makes it more gentle and less alarming to the patient.

Why Full Circle is Your Best Choice for Shockwave Therapy in Phoenix

Focused Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

Full Circle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is the best choice if you are in Phoenix and looking for specialized shockwave therapy. We differentiate ourselves by utilizing the advanced FOCUSED shockwave called Piezo Wave 2, renowned for its ability to penetrate tissue and promote deep, optimal healing responses.

Patients at Full Circle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine can expect a customized treatment plan and top-quality care from experienced professionals with expertise in focused shockwave therapy, ensuring the best possible result. With our commitment to using cutting-edge technology, we stand as the premier non-surgical orthopedic healthcare provider in Phoenix and the ideal choice for focused shockwave therapy. We offer effective solutions for treating acute and chronic pain so that our patients can experience relief without steroids or surgery.

Thanks to Full Circle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine’s dedication to expert care combined with modern techniques like focused shockwave therapy, we are the preferred option when seeking acute and chronic pain treatment options for orthopedic and sports-related injuries in Phoenix


Focused shockwave therapy has transformed the way we treat acute and chronic pain related to orthopedic and sports injuries, providing a highly effective, non-invasive solution. By targeting deep tissues and promoting the body’s natural healing response, this treatment offers long-term relief for various conditions.

Thanks to advancements in technology, such as devices like the PiezoWave 2 machine, focused shockwave therapy is now even more potent than ever. When used alongside other treatments like PRP therapy and accompanied by post-treatment care and rehabilitation plans, patients can experience significantly improved outcomes.

The team at Full Circle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine specializes in delivering the best in orthopedic care using state-of-the-art equipment for those seeking focused shockwave therapy in Phoenix.

Whether you found us through a referral from a satisfied patient, or a Google search like focused shockwave therapy Phoenix or shockwave therapy near me. The important thing is you found us. So if you are considering shockwave therapy in Phoenix, contact us to learn how our non-surgical orthopedic treatments can help you heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Focused shockwave therapy is a noninvasive therapy that uses your body’s own healing properties to repair tissues and provide long-term pain relief, and return to function without the use of steroids or surgery.

What are the benefits of Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Focused shockwave therapy aims to heal unhealthy or damaged tissue by stimulating growth factors and other healing cells in your body to help accelerate complete resolution of your tendon, ligament, joint, or muscle issue.

This is done so by sound waves compression and release of deep tissue providing increased blood flow and flooding of healing factors readily accessible in your body.

What are the side effects of Focused Shockwave Therapy?

There are few to no side effects of this treatment. Some patients will describe soreness for a day or two. You should not experience bruising or swelling like you may with scraping, cupping, needling, or deep massage.

What are the two types of Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is available in two forms: radial wave therapy, which addresses more superficial areas such as “muscle knots”, and focused shockwave therapy, which targets deep tissue issues such as tendons, ligaments, muscle tears, and arthritis within the body. focused shockwave therapy is far more effective than radial wave therapy for addressing deeper tissue problems as it can precisely target specific areas of concern.

How much is a Shockwave Therapy Session?

The average cost of a shockwave therapy session varies and depends on your entire treatment strategy. Our team will assess your issue and recommend the best strategy customized to you. Please contact our office to receive more information.

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